I am a freelance web developer who specialises in applying machine learning and data mining techniques to real-world problems.

Looking to boost my prospect after graduating, I started a Master’s degree in applied artificial intelligence. Studying at Bournemouth University’s Data Science Institute (then the Smart Technology Research Centre), I was introduced to a wide variety of computational intelligence approaches, including artificial neural networks, fuzzy systems and evolutionary algorithms. I chose a product classification problem as the subject of my thesis and the result was a online ensemble-based classifier that accelerated the classification with minimal loss in accuracy. For this I received a high distinction.

Though tempted by a PhD, I decided I needed real-world experience in web development and was soon hired by a London-based agency as a mid-weight PHP developer. I quickly became a senior developer, managing teams in a SCRUM environment and dabbling in project management from time to time. Though front end development can be fun, I’ve always favoured data and architecture problems in my work.

After four and a half years, I now seek new challenges. With computational power so cheap and the necessary tools so abundant, smart technology like recommendation engines and real time predictive systems are available to all.

If you want to make your web application smarter or if you’re just after a business-aware developer, drop me an email and we’ll talk.


  • CSS
    • Bootstrap
    • SASS
  • Databases
    • MongoDB
    • MySQL
  • E-commerce
    • PayPal
    • SagePay
    • Stripe
  • Git
    • Bitbucket
    • GitHub
  • Markups
    • HTML / XHTML
    • JSON
    • XML
  • Javascript
    • jQuery
  • Linux
    • Raspbian
    • Ubuntu
  • Package managers
    • Bower
    • Composer
    • npm
  • PHP
    • CodeIgniter
    • Drupal
    • Laravel
  • Platforms
    • AWS
    • DigitalOcean
    • Laravel Forge
    • OpenShift
  • Task runners
    • Grunt
    • Gulp
  • Web servers
    • Apache
    • Nginx